Treatment and restoration

The services provided at Mereti Eleni’s Orthodontic Clinic include a wide range of consultations and treatments related to dental restoration. High level training and continuous education throughout her career aims to achieve the best and fastest results for the patient.

-Diagnosis/study of dental and skeletal anomalies
After collecting all the necessary diagnostic data (casts, x-rays, photographs), the diagnosis of each orthodontic disharmony is made and a personalized treatment plan is developed, leading to the desired result.

-Preventive/Suppressive treatment
In 4-8 year olds, treatment primarily involves prevention of orthodontic problems with selective grinding of the baby teeth, as well as mobile space maintainers to prevent future dental and skeletal problems.

Mereti Eleni Yphresies

Mereti Eleni Yphresies

-Complete upper and lower jaw treatment with:

  • fixed appliances (metal braces)
  • mobile devices (active plates)

The aim of these practices is to relieve the crowding of the teeth that is present in most cases, to achieve better occlusion of the upper and lower dental barrier and maximum balance of the oral-mandibular system.

-Directed skeletal development of the face with:

  • functional appliances

These devices are mobile and are aimed at arresting or accelerating the growth of the jaws when they deviate significantly and affect the function of the oromandibular system and temporomandibular joint.

We provide orthodontic services of high standards, always applying the most modern methods.


-Aesthetic orthodontics with

  • ceramic braces
  • lingual braces (Incognito)
  • transparent splints (Invisalign, Clear Aligner)

The above methods provide the maximum aesthetic result especially for adults who are interested in an “invisible appliance” that will not be an obstacle to their daily appearance.

-Treatment of combined orthodontic-orthognathic cases (adult skeletal anomalies)

In cases of adults with extremely severe skeletal disharmony, we work with maxillofacial surgeons for a combination treatment with simultaneous orthodontic treatment and jaw surgery to correct any problem.

Mereti Eleni Yphresies

Mereti Eleni Yphresies

-Orthodontic treatment in cases of syndromes and clefts

Cooperation with maxillofacial surgeons and special clinics for the long-term monitoring and treatment of these patients in order to improve swallowing, chewing and facial aesthetics.

-prosthetic orthodontics

Working with dentists of all specialties to retain and improve teeth that will serve as abutments in dentures and other dental restorations.